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Lily Wright

2024-2025 State President

Georgia State Society, N.S.C.A.R


2024-2025 State Project & Theme

S.O.S Save Our Shores




The rivers, streams, lakes and coastline of Georgia hold the history of our state and our country. Several important battles of the American Revolution were fought on or near Georgia waterways. Sadly, the shores of these bodies of water are littered with trash and debris, polluting our waters. 


The goal of this year’s Georgia State Project is to raise $5,000 to become a sponsor of the 2025 Rivers Alive Annual Statewide Cleanup. An additional objective is to raise awareness of the work we can do to preserve the waterways of Georgia and work together to help keep them clean. 


Georgia's rivers, streams, lakes and coastline all have shores. It is our job to help keep those shores clean to preserve our nation’s and state’s history, for the sake of the animals who live in the water, and for our sake as well. Together we can Save Our Shores.

Ways to support

S.O.S. Save Our Shores


Purchase a State Project shirt.








Purchase a pin or a collapsible reusable straw at state events.








Click here for more information on RiversAlive and to find a waterway cleanup near you.

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