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Joy Frederick

2023-2024 State President

Georgia State Society, N.S.C.A.R.

2023-2024 State Project & Theme

"America's Guardian Angels” 




Safety - who doesn't LOVit?

I can think of very few things better than knowing I'm safe, but here is a BIG one:  
knowing that the people who ensure my safety know that they are appreciated

Every day, FIRST RESPONDERS across our country go to work because THEY know
that WE need the

Close your eyes for one moment -- and try to imagine our world without them!

Without our quick responding heroic Paramedics & EMTs,
thousands would die in accidents.

Without our Firefighters, more homes and land than we can even imagine would be destroyed.

Without our Police Force, the laws set in place for our protection would be unenforced, and every civilian would pay the price.

  • Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) is a National 501c3 organization with 50 state chapters across the USA, including the Georgia Chapter.  GA C.O.P.S. is working to enable cost-free attendance to National Police Week & unique retreats throughout the year, along with many other programs to support surviving family members of those who have fallen in the field.

  • "America's Guardian Angels" will focus on helping the surviving family members of those officers who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty.  Both the National Police Week & unique retreats will provide opportunities to mourn with others who have experienced the same trauma and offer healing comfort to those who have lost so much.

  • "America's Guardian Angels" GOAL is to raise funds to send four families to National Police Week in May of 2024 and send 10 children to a unique retreat during the summer of the same year.

Ways to Support the State Project!
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To purchase your project pin, please visit our State Project Display Table, where pins will be available for sale at our next State Meeting!






Don't be shy!  Here's your chance to make it clear to all First Responders that we don't take their services to the community for granted.


Make the most of this opportunity by visiting local stations with thank you cards, along with homemade treats for the shift presently on duty.


An official Certificate of Appreciation can be customized to order using this Certificate Request Form.  Please contact if you need assistance.


You will receive your downloadable customized certificate(s) via email, which you can print at home and present at your local station when you visit.  (Frames recommended)


Your generosity to this cause will be cherished by recipients, and the impact you can make will create lasting visual memories as we teach the youth in our communities the importance of supporting the hurt and appreciating our local heroes!

Thank You for Your Generous Support!

All Proceeds of  Donations & Purchases Benefit  the  2023-2024 "America's Guardian Angels"  State Project

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