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OUR HISTORY... Founded in 1895, the National Society of the Children of the American Revolution (N.S.C.A.R.) is the oldest patriotic youth organization in the United States.  Membership is open to descendants of Patriots of the American Revolution.  The Georgia State Society (GSSNSCAR) has many local societies in cities and towns all over the state of Georgia. Those local societies have members of all ages from birth to 22 years. 

OUR MISSION... Our organization's mission is to train good citizens, develop leaders, and promote a love of the United States of America and its heritage among young people.  


Of course, since we are kids, we have fun as we practice good citizenship, learn how to be leaders, and explore the early history of our country and its founders! You may be wondering how we can have fun together when we have such a range of ages. We can because we plan meetings with interesting activities for our Pee Wee Patriots (members under 10), as well as for our more sophisticated members.




  • To acquire knowledge of American History.

  • To preserve and restore places of Historical importance associated with men and women who forwarded American Independence.

  • To ascertain the deeds and honor the memories of the men, women, and children who rendered service to the causes of the American Revolution.

  • To promote the celebration of patriotic anniversaries.

  • To honor and cherish the Flag of the United States of America above every other flag.

  • To love, uphold and extend the principles of American liberty and patriotism.



LOCAL SUPPORT... The GSSNSCAR is very fortunate to have the support of three wonderful adult lineage organizations:


  • Georgia State Society Daughters of the American Revolution

  • Georgia Society Sons of the American Revolution

  • Sons of the Revolution in the State of Georgia.

The men and women of these organizations sponsor us by providing our adult leadership, contributing to our projects, inviting us to participate with them in their meetings, activities, and commemorative events, and by joining in the meetings, field trips, and other activities of the GSSNSCAR and the local societies.

About Us...

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