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Freedom to be all we can be!

For almost 25 years, Georgia’s Camp Twin Lakes has provided medically-supportive and fun camp experiences for special needs campers.  My goal for Liberty’s Joy is  to create awareness of specific special needs, and to raise funds to help support life-changing camp experiences at Camp Twin Lakes (CTL). 

Three  CTL camps are located in  Rutledge, Winder and Warm Springs and serve children with serious illnesses, disabilities and other life challenges. Each year more than 10,000 campers attend CTL camps in Georgia, requiring lots of volunteers and many donors to ensure that campers gain confidence and have the opportunity to discover new capabilities while at camp. 

At Camp Twin Lakes,  challenges become  triumphs. “I can’t...“ becomes  “I CAN!"


Rachel Fitzgerald

2016-2017 State President


INDEPENDENCE from limitations...

FREEDOM to be all YOU can be...

HELPING OTHERS be all THEY can be!



Liberty’s Joy first aims to provide a “freedom rider,” a handicapped-accessible bicycle, to the children of Camp Twin Lakes. 


These bicycles are used by thousands of campers and let wheelchair bound children use their hands or feet to move and finally ride a bike.  The experience is priceless to the campers, some of whom have never walked, let alone ridden a bike. The bikes range in price between $4,000-$5,000 each.  


Many donations will be needed, and we hope to fund  the purchase of more than one Freedom Rider.


Additionally, we plan to sponsor campers attending Camp Twin Lakes “Kids Serve II” camps, which provide support and a fun experience for children with a parent in the military or whose parent has fallen. 

Children with a military parent going through deployment may experience many of the same effects as children of divorce. They worry about what will happen to them. KIDS SERVE II Camps provides special help for these special needs. 


Your generous support makes KIDS SERVE II Camps possible!  Bonding with other campers lasts a lifetime, and gives back to both veterans and their families.

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